Sunday, 4 March 2012

Showreel 2011-12

Latest work from previous project, Ha Ha Hairies, where I worked for Red Wire Media as the Character TD/Animator.

Reel Breakdown:

Rigged all shown characters, scripts and GUI's.

Sequence 1 (00:00:10):
Rigged main character 'Kwiff';
- Rig fully scalable and modularly built to provide easy updating of rig if needed.
- Simple Nurbs-based selection GUI for easy interaction.

Sequence 2 (00:00:31):
Hybrid IK/FK spine for extreme posing and toony nature of show;
- Broken hierarchies to separate upper and lower posing and flexibility.
- Traditional FK control during rotation, controllable volume preservation during translation.
- Position and orient switching for full IK control.

Sequence 3 (00:00:39):
Stretchy, bendy, volume-preserving limbs;
- With custom foot-roll, banking and various pivoting attributes.

Sequence 4 (00:01:18):
Various scripts to assist posing and animation;
- Ik/Fk blending, with snapping between the two over a single frame or a range of frames.
- Fk setup to mirror live rotation.
- Script to mirror or flip any part of the rig, including entire poses.

Sequence 5 (00:01:31):
Animator-friendly finger controls;
- Setup to allow quick posing of fingers with 2 attributes, as well as individual control over each finger via attributes and individual controllers.

Sequence 6 (00:01:36):
Insert-blink script;
- Based on animator designs, for a time-saving script.

Sequence 7 (00:01:41):
Selection GUI;
- Interchangeable between full rig and facial controls.
- Varying levels of detail.

Sequence 8 (00:02:19):
Animator friendly facial rig;
- Minimal, joystick inspired controls with multiple functions to provide alot of interactivity with minimal effort.
- Joint and blendshape based, with interactivity between the controls for quicker, stronger posing.
- Tweaking controls for more specific expressions and fine-tuning.

Sequence 9 (00:02:44):
Test facial rig;
- Use of multiple, individually controllable deformers, built into the rig.
- FK beak with tweaking lip controls.
- Various deformers on expressive areas of the face.
- Re-postionable eye sockets.
- Detachable upper/lower head for extreme posing.

Sequence 10 (00:03:12):
Test facial rig - Deform test;
- All deformers work together, rather than prioritising over each other.
- Complete squash, stretching and deformation over the head rig whilst maintaining any pose, blendshape or joint-based.
- Whilst maintaining that important ability to scale.


  1. Good stuff. The faces look nice to work with.

    1. Cheers Chris, I worked pretty closely with the animators on the faces especially, some preferred the joy-stick style UI, others preferred interactive controllers and after breaking down some nice facial rigs, I think I hit a nice compromise.
      The mammoth's coming on pretty well, looking forward to seeing the rig and deformations.