Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mel: ld_animToCurve - create nurbs curve from moving objects or verts

Download the script directly, here (follow link and place it in maya's script directory)
or from creativecrash here.

Creates a nurbs curve for each selected object and/or vert over a series of frames (like a motionTrail, but without the motionTrail bit).

Works using xforms - so object could be skinned, constrained, driven by expressions etc,
Simple to cleanup - just rebuild the curve,
Simple to use - select the objects and/or verts you want and execute using ld_animToCurve ;

Useful for quickly putting together complex shapes or tracking a vert's/object's position.

07/03/12:  0.6.0
    Fixed issue selecting some verts.
   Added poly faces - now requires modified version of owen burgess' 2009 script "" (included).