Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ld_mirrorMe v1.5.0

I was surprised by the response this tool had, so I'm releasing v1.5.0 to help some people out, it'll be good to hear how you guys use it.
Alongside my softCluster script, you'll definitely notice a speed increase in your workflow.

Download it here (mediafire link).
Download, extract and place script in maya's script directory and use
import ld_mirrorMe

It's features are shown on this much quicker demo (v1.0.0), supporting multi-mirroring for all modes.

Full details:
 - 3 modes:
     1. Curve - mirrors nurbs curves, ideal for mirroring rig controls,
     2. Mesh - mirrors geo, ideal for mirroring blendshape targets,
     3. Deformer - mirrors only clusters (at present), uses object's pivot for mirroring.
 - multi-mirroring on all 3 modes,
 - choose mirror axis,
 - search and replace,
 - alter new objects position (currently either world 0, target, mirror or original - depending on mode),
 - world position/rotation based, will work wherever or whatever the targets connected to,
 - entry objects names retained, if multiple copies needed (ideal for multi-clustering),
 - colourize option for Curves, if given curve is coloured (transform or shape), its mirror can be assigned a different colour,
 - quick and simple to use.

09/03/12 - 0.5.0
    Initial working version.
10/03/12 - 0.9.5
    Tidied UI and reduced/cleaned code.
13/03/12 - 1.0.0
    Added colour option for curves.
    Removed all pymel (speed issues).
    Allowed multi-mirroring.
14/03/12 - 1.5.0
    Thanks to Matt Murray for feedback for further improvements.
    Added option to mirror world position of mirrored curve.
    Added further error-checking for all modes.
    Fixed bug causing unwanted locking of attributes.
    Added option to disable colouring of mirrored curve.

Again, any feedback, problems/bugs or ideas lemmie know and I'll do what I can.