Saturday, 10 March 2012

ld_mirrorMe tool demo

Just made a quick demo for one of my 3 main toolsets, (ld_animateMe v2, ld_rigMe v1 and ld_mirrorMe v.9.5) the ld_mirrorMe tool, something I started a while ago but put off.

This demo primarily shows mirroring on objects from world 0, but everything is calculated from worldspace and works accordingly, it doesn't matter where it is or what its connected/parented to, the mirror will work as expected.

3 modes - Curve, Mesh and Cluster (at present),
 - Curve - Primarily for mirroring nurbs curves for controllers, Mesh - Primarily for mirroring blendshapes (can mirror multiple targets at the same time), and Cluster - (developing for other deformers), given a deformer and its mesh will mirror the deformer over giving a correctly mirrored pivot and origin based on the objects pivot.
Search and replace feature,
Choose mirror axis,
Choose new objects position,
World based - will work wherever or whatever the targets connected to,
Entries retained, no need to keep adding same object of multiple copies needed,
Simple to use.

This was initially going to just be a tool for my rigging UI (ld_rigMe), but I prefer having it separate.

Any ideas/comments welcome.