Thursday, 11 March 2010

think, think, think, part 2

think i've sorted some form of messy solution for a part of the issue i was having to do with driven keys and animating the sections too...

... heres the notes I made and a vid showing it working... (I know its not pretty atm either, just figuring a way to make things look abit nicer and UF...


Create eyebrow as separate object, 'Parent' it to 'R_Brow_CTRL', create separate clusters for sections of eyebrow object, 'Parent' all those clusters also to 'R_Brow_CTRL' create seperate controllers for each cluster, select the controller then shift-select the corresponding cluster and select 'Parent' CONSTRAIN, then 'Parent' the individual controllers to 'R_Brow_CTRL'. now when you move the 'R_Brow_CTRL' it'll move the eyebrow as well as the clusters and the individual controllers that you can move and key seperately also.

Now the aim was to be able to use the 'R_Brow_CTRL' to move the eyebrow as well as the skin but also to have driven keys so parts of the brow stick to some form of realism.

I do understand you could also have simply created a low poly version, parent each one to a bone, set a driven key to the bones and them 'wrap' deform the actual brow mesh to the low poly version, then finally created clusters and controls on the actual poly mesh for the extra control, im simply exploring all means. (and you could also create blendshapes of the brow and set driven keys to them with the 'R-Brow_CTRL' and had extra clusters and controllers on the final brow also)

So this particular (and complicated method) now needs for you to create a single bone for each cluster, (not parented to each other), select the bones and finally the brow mesh and smooth skin.

This then gives you 3 levels of control over the eyebrows, one of which you can set driven keys to and still have another set of controllers that can controller seperate sections of the brow.

So far this would only really work with simple meshes and try to stay away from having any more that 4 or 5 sections of brow to control otherwise when you skin the bones, it'll be more work than its worth.'

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