Friday, 25 November 2011

A proper post...?

I've been messing more and more with code recently, mainly python in effort to understand what im doing and how I could do it better.
Well it started off like that anyways, ended up creating spam mailers to some of the guys at work when setting up email notification on tool issues and task completion etc.
I decided this blog needed a paintover and some more interesting posting... so i gave it a paintover, still waiting on the posts :(

Had to delge deeper into shotgun's api (well not that deep...) and come out with a much better sense in using dictionaries and error checking, but only after wanting to deck my monitor and then having the 'oh... ok' moment.

I have been meaning to put an up-to-date(ish) showreel together, and now I've finally got the motivation to get it (well, 'them' really) sorted and sent off before the end of this year, which I will get done alongside the development and release of the animation toolset.

and now... a man chasing his dog.

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