Sunday, 27 November 2011

Creating 'custom' Hotkeys

Something not everyone seems to be sure about, its fairly simple really.

1. To assign a hotkey, go to the hotkey editor (Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hotkey Editor). 2. On the left field, you can select which category you would like to create the hotkey under, I recommend "user" as so you can organise custom hotkeys. 3. In the lower right of the window hit “New”, give the command a name and a description. 4. Finally you need to put the command you want to run in the "Command" field, taking into account whether it is mel or python (eg print "Hello World!\n" ; ) 5. Hit “Accept” and it will appear in your hotkey list. 6. Select the newly created Hotkey and on the right where under “Assign New Hotkey”, enter the Hotkey combination you want to use and hit “Query” check whether it is currently already assigned. 7. If its not and your happy to continue hit "Assign".