Sunday, 15 January 2012

RigReel 2010-11

Finally got round to uploading last years rig reel, still finishing off current one, will upload as soon as its done.

Reel Breakdown:

Sequence 1 (0026):
Rigged character ('Skitter') in Maya.
Setup nCloth dynamics for screen and node-based rig for timewarp in Maya.

Sequence 2 (0201):
Rigged character, 'Skitter', in Maya;
 - Modular built, stretchable and dynamic tail rig based on hair dynamics with full Fk control system and blending, and control over main dynamic attributes to tweak shot specific and avoid intersection with props.

Sequence 3 (0937):
Rigged prop (table) in Maya;
 - Fully driven by expressions to assist animators and provide continuity throughout show.

Sequence 4 (1034):
Rigged all characters and props in Maya;
 - Including all facial rigs.
 - All characters include controllable dynamic tails and ears, to assist animators and to assist retaining animation continuity.

Sequence 5 (1225):
Rigged  character (Splish) in Maya;
 - All rigs scaleable to assist animation.
 - Stretchable Ik/Fk style spine rigs, identical setup and control for all characters to retain familiarity and allow interchangeable animation.

Sequence 6 (1655):
Rigged  characters (Splish and Splash) and prop (controller), in Maya.

Sequence 7 (1855):
Rigged  character (Splish) in Maya;
 - All rigs with squash/stretch limbs, Ik/Fk blending, auto-flatten and foot-roll.

Sequence 8 (2173):
Assisted in animation in Maya, once rigging was complete.
Co-created Studio specific Animation and Pipeline Toolsets, including;
 - Ik/Fk snapping,
 - shared user creatable and customizable selection sets,
 - animation key/curve cleaning, blending and re-timing,
 - customizable animation trails,
 - animation HUDs and automatic notification of shot completion and versioning.


  1. Loving the tail on skitter Lee. Nice choice of song too.


    1. Thanks Leon, it was a pain not to get it flipping on some of the shots, but a quick re-organise of the tail rig, and separating it off to the rest, saved it lol.

  2. Those look like very fun rigs. Awesome stuff!

    1. Cheers Chris! I did write about some of the issues we had with deformations on our Rumple character (Rhino) and then I saw your right on top of that, looking forward to see that mammoth in action!

  3. Nice reel :) You should get some non-iconicles stuff on it though. I still have nightmares about that show...

    1. Haha, I know, its just unfortunate I just cant show any of the stuff I'm working on 'til it broadcasts, and I'm not happy enough with previous work.
      That said, I've almost finished a sparrow rig with interesting wing setup, already been asked to write a tutorial for it, so hopefully an update shouldn't be too long (with perhaps some tool vids in there too...)