Thursday, 18 August 2011


phew... far too much has happened to post it all but...

Few weeks into new job at Red Wire Media, down Cardiff Bay and I haven't stopped :)

Started with a compact animation toolset, then onto rigging the main characters (with some lovely work on the faces, even if i do say so myself), now onto setting up the maya and deadline to shotgun api, which is surprisingly easy actually. Just abit more practice on a dummy project and should be up and running soon.

Got so many scripts to upload at some point, so started with a modified version of David Lightbown's 2006 "dlUtils_Profiler.mel" ( which allows you to compare the difference in speed between two mel scripts (example used, compares difference in speed between multiplication and division in maya - multiplication is about 30% faster from what I remember - so instead of using a /2, use * .5 instead! - added bonus, use to avoid / by 0 errors!)

I use it fairly often, from comparing simple procs to deciding the best/quickest file management solution, and even started to use it to compare the difference in speed between connected multiple nodes, constraints and expressions (I do also use the fps, but it can vary too much).

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