Sunday, 27 March 2011


matt simpkins showed me a neat little node in maya on friday, and asked for an interface for it.

it turned out pretty awesome, when you set it up and start recording, any movements you make on the objects, on almost all attributes (even most custom ones) get recorded in real-time, and gives you an almost mo-cap-like set of keys on those attributes.

theres a few issues with re-recording or keyed object, but hopefully when i get some time, i'll tear into the command scripts and see what i can do.

time permitted, i think i could get a very simple rig set up, animatable with this command, being able to literately animate in real-time :)
that's a looong way off yet, and probably not even possible (otherwise some bright git would've done it by now) but in the mean time, this has probably got the potential to be as useful as the greasePencil tool, but in 3d.

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