Sunday, 24 October 2010


so, besides some heavy rigging and rigging tests (including some awesome FK tails made from IK splines switching to scalable and controllable auto-tails), ive started to learn python (to later move on to pymel) and i still cant click with it yet... nether the less, i've also still been helping few people out with mel.

managed to pull off my first scriptJob too, after few minutes reading up on it and bout 20 mins playing with tests. its fairly simple and really powerful, just dont want to get too caught up in using them too much.

it was as simple as creating a global proc to update two opposite curves with position and apply to the others limit (to use them as a min and max) then with one scriptJob line to run on a new selection, it worked perfectly, including setting it into the startup expressions with the relevant file (the only problem was cancelling the bugger when its not needed automatically as the "if (objExists ("object") ==1)" loop didnt seem to work :( still though its something i think i'll implement to the rigs with scripts to run on selecting certain controllers etc.

its all good fun...

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