Friday, 19 February 2010


... I had been spending hours and hours swapping back and forth between two types of facial rigging I've been trying for my main character, a mix of stretchy bones, curves and clusters and then a mix of clusters and blendshapes and driven-keys and bones for the tongue but due to too many problems with skinning with the bones and curves, I have had to settle with the latter method.
For good measure though, I had been advised to use stretchy bones for the tongue, and I tweaked the controls abit to add better deformation, a tutorial which i'll post up soon.
I'm also at the end of my teather with maya Cloth, I can get a very nice smooth cape, but a coat its just too much for the time I have left, and so I'm cutting out a weeks worth of work by scrapping it and spending the time catching up and finishing a nice coat rig instead...

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